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Home Service Marketing Simplified

Putting Your Business on the Map

Local Mavens drastically increases the visibility of your home service business by deploying the latest evolutions in location-based data, SEO content creation, directory management, and hyper-targeted ads.

We're Built Different

Since we utilize the latest innovative technology to assist in our delivery of service, we are able to produce our marketing campaigns for a fraction of the cost of the typical agency, and those cost savings get passed on to you!

Sites That Sell For You

Local Mavens was established by experienced digital marketing agency owners who identified a key insight: the success of marketing for home service businesses hinges primarily on two pillars - Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With this understanding, they created Local Mavens, a straightforward yet potent platform tailored specifically for the marketing needs of home service companies.

Why Choose

Local Mavens?

Innovative Platform with Cutting-Edge Technologies: Local Mavens stands out from marketing agencies with its state-of-the-art platform and transparent pricing, utilizing the latest technologies to provide advanced and efficient marketing solutions for home service businesses.

Focus on Key Marketing Channels Proven to Create Home Service Sales: Our system combines the targeted power of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising with our powerful and proprietary Search Engine Optimization (SEO) system, a straightforward and effective approach that works great for plumbers, HVAC contractors, and more.

Proven Results from Industry Veterans: Local Mavens is brought to you by the marketers behind Solkri Design, a premier full stack digital marketing agency with a track record of success. With a system developed by experienced digital marketing agency owners, Local Mavens ensures your business benefits from expert guidance and effective, results-driven strategies.

Industries We Serve

Electrical Services

HVAC  Services

Plumbing Services

Home Cleaning Services

Roofing Services

Landscaping &

Lawn Care Services

It's the future calling:

innovative marketing solutions for home service businesses are here.

How Does It Work?


For businesses with an existing online presence, Local Mavens overhauls your website with carefully researched SEO-optimized content meant to drive traffic based on your service and knowledge base. This involves integrating targeted keywords, optimizing meta tags, improving site structure, and ensuring mobile responsiveness. These changes are crucial for higher rankings in search engine results, as Google prioritizes websites relevant to user queries, user-friendly, and accessible on various devices. Don't have a website? Local Mavens will design one for you that's purpose built to convert visitors into customers.

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Laying the Foundation in Month 1: We Refresh Your Website


As soon as the website is live, we launch a precisely crafted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign to drive immediate traffic to your site. By targeting potential customers based on their search behaviors, preferences, and proximitiy to the location of your highest-rated jobs (yes, we can track that, ask us how!) the campaign ensures maximum impact and return on investment. This strategic approach not only attracts high-intent visitors but also optimizes your advertising spend, turning clicks into valuable customer engagements. Local Mavens Boost enhances your Google rankings through a multifaceted approach, focusing on creating high-quality, SEO-optimized content that reflects your services and expertise. This makes your website a valuable resource for users and increases its chances of acquiring quality backlinks. Additionally, we expand your digital presence by listing your business in various reputable directories beyond just Google My Business, enhancing online visibility and authority. Complementing this, our proactive backlinking strategy further boosts your content and directory efforts, significantly improving your search engine rankings and solidifying your home service business's online credibility and visibility.

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Month 2: We Start Building the Content Machine & Launch Hyper-Targeted Ads


With the web traffic generation machine in place and performing, we turn our focus to optimizing and refining our content to increase engagement and conversion rates across platforms. If everything is running smoothly, your business is able to ascend to stratospheric heights during this phase, increasing ad budgets with proven ad campaigns that find and convert new customers. Don't worry, we don't get compensated more as you increase your ad spend. That way, we are financially aligned in ensuring your ad campaigns deliver a high return on ad spend (ROAS) to justify scaling your budget to continue driving revenue growth. After enough time, customers have no choice but to be confronted by your services when they search for you online in your target market, as our proven paid and organic traffic growth strategies deliver compounding growth. 

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Beyond the First Few Months: Compounding and Optimizing for Max ROI

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